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What do you need to know before renting a car?

Frequently asked questions

    • Identity document - passport or identity card.

    • A valid driver's license in Latin letters. The minimum driving experience of all drivers is 2 years.

      Persons holding a driver's license issued outside of the European Union must submit an international driver's license.

    • The standard car deposit amount is €150.00. When picking up the car, you will need to leave a deposit, which will be returned to you at the end of the car rental, if the rental conditions have not been violated. The deposit is returned in full by the 14th, if all conditions of the contract are fulfilled.

    • The deposit is paid in cash or by bank transfer. Deposit cannot be paid by card.

    • When a customer who has paid a deposit/reservation fee of €150.00 does not come to pick up the car, the money will not be refunded.

    • The maximum free mileage when renting a car is 500 km (per day), exceeding the mileage is charged at 0.10 ct for each kilometer exceeded.

    • The territory of driving a car is Lithuania. In order to leave the country, it is necessary to inform the company. After leaving the borders of Lithuania, the fine is 250 EUR.

    • Yes, there is such a possibility. A fee may apply.

    • The rented car can be driven not only by the lessee, but also by additional drivers included in the rental agreement at the request of the lessee.

    • Additional driver data must be provided before signing the car rental agreement. Transferring the driving of the car to a person not included in the car rental contract is strictly prohibited.

    • Driving a car by a person not included in the contract is subject to a fine of €100, and there are no limitations on the amount of liability in case of damage to the car.

    • The reserved car will be kept for 1 hour from the indicated pick-up time. If the customer arrives after this time without warning, the car is not guaranteed. In this case, the company may offer another car.

    • A 1-hour return tolerance applies when returning a car. If it takes longer than 1 hour, an additional day starts counting.

    • Rental extensions are available, but the cost of additional days may vary. The lease will only be extended upon receipt of full payment for the extended period. An extension is possible depending on the individual situation.

    • The car must be returned to the agreed place in the same condition as when it was picked up. The company undertakes to properly check the condition of the car before handing it over to the customer. The customer undertakes to maintain the proper condition of the car during the rental period in order to avoid breakdowns and damages.

    • The car is delivered with a full or almost full fuel tank. At the end of the rental period, the car must be returned with the same amount of fuel it was picked up with.

    • Technical assistance is provided 24/7 when using the car in the territory of Lithuania. Roadside assistance is provided within 24 hours of notification. Depending on the situation, the company may provide a replacement car.

    • Mandatory TPVCA insurance is included in the car rental price.

    • It is possible to get CASKO insurance for the desired period for an additional fee.

    • The renter assumes full responsibility for following and/or disregarding traffic rules during the car rental. Upon receipt of a report on KET violations, UAB "Ratuota Prekyba" transfers the customer's data to the police or another responsible institution. The administration fee for KET violations is EUR 10.

    • Children's seats: The company offers three types of children's seats: cribs, seats and booster seats. You can order a child seat when making a reservation or upon arrival to pick up the car.

    • Cleaning services: When the tenant does not want or does not have the ability to clean the car himself, there is an option to order an additional cleaning service. It can be ordered when reserving a car or upon arrival at the rental location.

    • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, UAB "Ratuota Prekyba" reserves the right to cancel the car reservation (due to a technical breakdown of the car or a car accident), after notifying the customer in advance.

  • The user must pay the company the penalty specified in the table if the vehicle or its accessory (for example, the ignition key) or property is damaged, destroyed or lost due to the user's fault, or the company suffers other losses.

    The user must pay the following fines to the company:

    Fine for tire damage that cannot be repaired - EUR 60

    Fine for smoking in the Vehicle - 50 EUR
    Fine for dangerous or careless driving - 300 EUR

    Fine for driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other psychoactive substances - 2000 EUR

    Fine for allowing other persons to use the rented Vehicle - 100 EUR

    Fine for lost car keys - 200 EUR

    Fine for crossing the Lithuanian border without informing - 250 EUR

    For lost documents - 80 EUR

We deliver cars to Palanga airport or to a place convenient for you. Possibility to get the car on the same day.


Rental of cars, passenger (8-9 seater) minibuses, cargo minibuses, trailers.

a wide selection

Only service for renting machines in good condition. Fixed price guarantee and no hidden fees.


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Only service for renting machines in good condition. Fixed price guarantee and no hidden fees.


Only service for renting machines in good condition. Fixed price guarantee and no hidden fees.

a wide selection

Rental of cars, passenger (8-9 seater) minibuses, cargo minibuses, trailers.


Wheeled trade, UAB

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VAT payer code: LT100011547912

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Manager: Tomas Balsys

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